About us!

We are a small business, that does a little bit of everything based in the town of Dayton, OH, USA. From fixing computers, setting up networks, to running game servers, and even art and photography. Plus we do other things from time to time. This site will always be up to date on all the services we currently or will offer! We are dedicated, and staying motivated by doing what we love to do.


Tech Help

Computers, Laptops, Networking, and even some mobile devices!

(Soon) Minecraft

A fun survival, creative, skyblock, and more, a great place to have fun and relax, join us soon!

(Soon) Hytale

We don't have all the plans made since the game hasn't been released yet, but don't worry it'll be good!


Professional photos for novice prices!


Cute wonderful artwork that is drawn in house by our CFO!


This most likely won't be all we end up doing here at Zuligen, so always keep checking our discord and sites for information about future plans!


Adrian Snowden

CEO TechuntrTM

Elizibeth Snowden

CFO / Artist YumiOkami