Zuligen's Wiki

Info on all the servers, plus some!

Welcome to the Zuligen Network Wiki, all the server info will be here!

We have 7 servers to choose from, everything from survival to Life in the Village, so there is plenty to do, but we get it, with so many options and things to do, its hard to keep track of what each server has, in fact we have so much, not even the staff can remember everything!

Our network is comprised of 6 physical computers on a home network in Ohio, USA. We are on the east coast.

About the hardware

Zuligen S1

This is the physical server that holds, Waterfall, Survival, Pixelmon, Tajlesanea, and Skyblock.

It has a quad-core Xeon, with 32GB of DDR3, and a 2TB WD HDD.

Zuligen S2

This is the physical server that holds, Creative, StoneBlock 2, and the Hub.

It has a 6-core i7, with 16GB of DDR3, and a 1TB WD HDD.

Zuligen S3

This is the physical server that holds, Life in the Village.

It has a quad-core i7, with 12GB of DDR3, and a 220GB SSD.